I was raised in Rexburg Idaho, sandwiched between the Snake River, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone National Park. Surrounded by so much beauty and nature, I learned early to explore and create.
After consuming every art course offered at Ricks College I started my own screen printing business at 22 years old. Yada yada yada – I continued to cut my teeth in marketing working long hours as in-house designer at companies like Sierra Designs, Nathan Sports, my own backpack company, and eventually leading the creative team as VP of Marketing at Café Zupas.
Over the past 25 years of my career, what I did not do is ever work for a large company or agency. Working for small (yet thriving) companies taught me grit and resourcefulness. I honed my craft as a graphic designer always with the purpose of effectively communicating a message. And I soon learned that creating that message first, was what made the design come easy and the results of any given project successful.
Now, I set out to serve the little guy. The entrepreneur who has proven the viability of their business, now ready to scale and build a thriving brand. I start with the message, bring life to it with compelling design, and partner with my clients to continually improve and refine their most valuable asset: their brand.