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Gheen Hillman is a brand manager and creative director with 17 years experience as a graphic designer, consultant, and visual communicator. He discovers untapped brand strengths, distills them into a focused idea, then creates original solutions that visually engage customers. Gheen is looking for an upbeat, driven organization where he can work with people who love to brainstorm, debate, create, and make a difference. 


• Director: photographers, designers, copywriters, programmers

• Creator: packaging, print collateral, advertising, identity, environment, web site, product

• Manager: client interaction, budget administration, project coordination

• Work ethics: team player, honest communication, can-do attitude, calm control of heavy work-loads, deadline driven, relationship devoted


July 01– Present



Gheen Hillman Design provides effective graphic design, strategic direction and brand consulting for a diverse clientele. Often, a single project such as a catalog or packaging assignment becomes the genesis of a new design standard that drives a refocused branding plan executed through additional projects.

• Provides strategic direction on projects to ensure they fit into a larger plan to produce optimal results

• Concepting, design, and pre-press for packaging, collateral, web sites, advertising, identity, and merchandising

• Negotiates contracts, coordinates projects, directs outsourced talent, answers to client expectations

• Manages operations, self promotion and administrative duties 

May 02– Aug 10


Marketing Manager, Partner

Built branding and marketing strategies for two start-up brands. Created awareness for both brands, taking them from start-up to recognized brands in their individual industries. Participated as an executive partner in key company decisions and corporate direction.

CLIK ELITE est: 2009

Clik Elite makes performance packs for adventure photographers, competing in both outdoor and photo markets.

• Defined brand marketing strategies from start-up

• Designed all points of public interface including identity, catalogs, website, packaging, advertising, point of purchase displays, sales presentations, etc. 

• Managed all PR, social media and pro photographer outreach

• Established key sales messages for training and educating sales staff

• Conceptualized new product designs and guided product aesthetic

• Photographed on-location shoots and directed outsourced photographers

STATPACKS est: 2002

StatPacks makes quick-access packs for medics, competing in the emergency medical and fire fighting markets.

• Managed and directed all marketing and branding affairs from start-up

• Designed the current product line, which introduced innovations to the market and sparked a notable increase in sales 

• Designed all branding and marketing materials including, catalog, web site, and advertising

• Developed key branding message concepts 

• Directed copy writing and PR initiatives 

Sept 05– Sept 07


Creative Director, Designer

Hired to bring a fresh, professional face to the newly acquired Nathan brand, which makes hydration packs for the sporting goods, fitness, and outdoor industries. Also modernized branding for parent brand Penguin, which produces shoe accessories and waterproofing sprays for the footwear industry.

• Recruited to work full-time after finishing a contracted project to produce a 32 page catalog in one week 

• Worked closely with the VP of marketing and sales to redesign the brand identity, packaging, catalogs and advertisements

• Developed a brand style-guide to insure consistent look and feel of the Nathan Sports brand

• Designed successful packaging and sales materials for Penguin, including presentations to Nike, Reebok, Target and other large companies

Sept 04– Sept 05


Packaging Designer, Brand Committee Chairperson

Invented new packaging solutions for a variety of consumer and clinical dental products. Spearheaded the formation of a brand committee that resulted in a change in company culture, increased brand focus, and improved unity among the different departments. 

• Recruited to solve packaging challenges for professional dental products, primarily premium teeth whitening kits

• Conducted brand research in Brazil to help gain market share and brand awareness in the South American market

• Instigated the creation of a brand committee that effectively united isolated departments and raised internal awareness of branding issues 

• Created complex production-ready packaging designs and functioning prototypes with thermo-formed plastics, folded paperboard, and SLS plastic parts.

• Overcame corporate challenges to establish a common design trend for packaging that influenced 

other marketing segments such as advertising

• Implemented new packaging structures that shaved cost while improving aesthetic, functionality, and customer satisfaction

Aug 01– Sept 02


Advertising Art Director

• Designed advertisements and editorial spreads

• Assumed responsibility for maintaining the high quality standards and elegant look of the semi-monthly publication

• Specialized in photography performing extensive Photoshop editing for covers and feature articles

• Provided important counsel on art-related decisions regarding the look and feel of the magazine

June 99– June 01


Graphic Designer, Art Director

• Played a key role in a new marketing team serving the Sierra Designs and Ultimate Direction brands

• Designed and managed production of packaging, catalogs, trade show booths, web sites and marketing materials

• Managed freelance designers and photographers on outsourced projects

• Awarded honorable mention for signage at the Outdoor Retailer convention in August 2000

• Designed a packaging and point-of-purchase system to work across the categories of sleeping bags, tents and outerwear

Sep 97– June 99


Graphic Designer, Art Director

• Assumed ownership of Ultimate’s brand image, conceptualizing and designing all creative projects

• Completely redesigned the packaging system to increase shelf appeal 

• Increased confidence of sales force and dealer base through outstanding trade show booth and catalog design

• Conceptualized key marketing language to establish brand differentiation 

94– 97


Crown Label: Graphic designer for food and beverage packaging

ArtCo: Photoshop specialist, drum scanner operator, prepress tech

DapperYak Tees: Owner/operator, t-shirt designer, apparel screen printer